Christmas Lights and Limo Rides

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Time flies fast children grow and change their games and interests, hobbies and accomplishments. But not so much in children: time for them runs very slowly, and the interests of the game remain the same for many years, and the events that bring joy, not so much. Therefore, waiting for Christmas, they begin from the time when quieted down memories of last year’s festival. Why Christmas – it is clear to all; this time much joy and gifts. The fifth year of Russian – American Media with the assistance of the NGO Limit Less Love provides a wonderful project “special children riding in limousines.” Someone might say, what’s the big deal? But the probability of a child with disabilities mental development and health that has ever invited him in his life, or he can arrange themselves so smart, lyuksovsky, comfortable car – very small; but at the same time, he sees in life, and in the photo, the other skate and pose in front of the elegant and expensive cars. Therefore, I want to express special gratitude to Russian – American Media, and everyone who is working on the implementation of this project, for the understanding of the hearts of children with disabilities and for all the wonderful gifts.

This year the project is taking new forms! It will take place in a new place and a new program!
We invite children with disabilities and their parents to take part in this event.
Attendance limited to pre-registration, as space is limited.

Tel. for registration1 (916) 833-5510 Natalia Smolikova