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So called children born with trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. Talk about them that they are loved-and kind of – the low level of intelligence, incapable of deliberate evil and cunning. Statistics are not recorded crimes planned and committed by people with Down syndrome. For many it is just words, if you have never had the experience.

Eight years ago, our family had a child with this diagnosis; and it was a tragedy. The long-awaited baby has a serious deviation from the norm; who he is, what it will be, what to expect, when all hopes were dashed, and life has stopped … I almost did not know anything about with such a diagnosis people who only have what is distant memories when briefly met these people somewhere on the street, plus a negative post-Soviet mentality. Of all the family, I took the news harder all, the ability was prolonged depression …

Once knocked on my door, I opened and I was given a large bag and asked to sign for the delivery. When I revealed, I could not understand it, got dictionaries, translation. This proved to be a lawsuit against my husband, for he is almost 2 years ago crashed into the car, which then can not be restored to the same in the car was very valuable property, which has suffered, the driver was incapacitated and requires to keep him and his entire family life; all the requirements for payment was three and a half million dollars, I have dark eyes … First, we have never had experience with the courts, and it was all very specific to me. When my husband came home, I asked; “It can be”, hoping that he had not committed any aksedenta. But he said that when I was still expecting a child, he hit the car in front of standing at the crossroads, t. To. The rain started and it skidded slightly. He and the other driver exchanged information, willows while the driver does not react, ie. A. His car was just a scratch, and our general trace. Apparently a lot of money and a desire lawyer promises constrained this driver to sue us.

Pacific Baptist Association of the city of Sacramento provodilomeropriyatie for families with disabled children in the Zoo of the city, and we went there, our daughter was 2 years old then. We met other families, I have to look closely to other children; who they are, what they are … Same problems quickly pull together, and we got to talking with a mother who had a boy with Down syndrome, he was about 25 years old. I liked him at once; mannered, polite, obedient. In a conversation I mentioned our great experience with the court.

A few weeks later, I met this guy in one of the largest churches; He stood alone against a wall, no one noticed, and I immediately went to him. I was not sure that he remembered me, t. To. I was with him almost did not communicate then in the Zoo. I told him: “Hey Jack, do you remember me?” And then I was struck by lightning … He replied: “Of course Aunt Natasha, I not only remember you, I pray for you.” At that moment I realized that it is not worth more experience this court, all will end well. But most importantly, I received a reply; who are the people with Down syndrome. Jack saw me once, was not close to dreams, when we were talking to his mother, I was somewhere in the side, but still heard. He recognized the person in need and pray about it. Frankly I do not have such friends, who, after a meeting, without any special request, started praying for my needs. Later, his mother told me that Eugene prays every night with her, and then go to his room and another 40 minutes to pray for all of their friends.

Since then, it took 6 years … Our whole family is involved in the development of the service for children with disabilities (disabled children without any age restrictions and conditions). Such families among the Slavic population of our city very much, we are already familiar with about 100 families, and we know that this is not the limit. These are people who like me when you are in need of moral and spiritual support. Many parents due to lack of time, t. To. 24 hours, 7 days a week, you need to take care of bolnymrebenkom could not master the English language, do not even know about the benefits and the laws regarding children -Disabled. Many many years in a state of despondency and depression. Communicating with the same parents, they find support, understanding, information, share their experiences, and most importantly leaves a feeling of depression and loneliness and comes rest and peace.

My fears about who are the children with Down syndrome have long vanished. Now I have a lot of friends, and not only with this diagnosis, and they are really good, merciful, if the level of its development, able to understand the Biblical truths about God, glubokoveruyuschie and worship God in prayer, care, attention and compassion: and do it they are from the heart, without a trace of hypocrisy t. to. not having enough high intelligence, are not capable of this. How many wonderful stories can be told about them. I will share one; One boy of 25 years who can not read and write, when he says something